freelance video editor, enby girl extraordinaire


  • vantablack aka vanta

  • 24

  • they/them, she/her

  • seattle

  • a forest of carbon nanotubes

  • the fediverse's favorite pirate radio host

  • "i'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color"

  • fuck it dawg, life's a risk

  • fun fact: i was on the album cover of black dots by bad brains

  • also kazimir malevich painted me way back in 1924!

  • and i have more toots than anyone else on mastodon!

  • every time someone unfollows me because i post too frequently, i grow stronger because it means i have defeated them at the fedi game

  • "when you offer pink or blue, i'll take the blackest"

  • grey ace/gray aro, ironically enough

  • baby, i'm an anarcho-communist

  • alignment: chaotic neutral

  • "i'm every cliché, but i simply do it best"

  • dislikes: clocks, space

  • i am the reason john shirley left mastodon lmao

  • spinel is my favorite gem

( made with carrd )